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BlueProton DJI Phantom 3 Standard WiFi Signal Range Extender Six (6) Antenna Kit w 10dBi 5.8GHz Omni by ARGtek


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ARGtek DJI Phantom 3 Standard WiFi Signal Range Extender Antenna Kit w 10dBi 5.8GHz Omni Kit

Six (6)-Antenna Kit: (2)+(2) customized high-gain 2.4GHz-2.591GHz 7dBi Panels & Omnis

Lightweight, durable, pratical and convenient to use in compact design. Full range coverage, strong and stable signal improves both remote control and Wifi video connection performance.

Our antenna kits will extend the range up to 4 times the DJI rating and help with the signal penetration around objects. Increases range from approx. 300m to up to 1200m. Actual range extension will depend on your exact deployment environment, and is not guaranteed.

The antennas in this kit have
been customized for extended WiFi spectrum. Normally, WiFi only operates on 2.4GHz. The ARGtek
panels have extended frequencies up to 2.591GHz. Panels are directional and for distance. Omnis are
for point of interest and follow me modes.

Installation is relatively simple with guided YouTube video.
Product Review/Open:

Installation Video:

Best Range : 2300M

Please Note: 
DJI Phantom 3 remote Controller has two versions:

A. Operating Frequency 5.725 GHz – 5.825 GHz for the worldwide markets
B. Operating Frequency 922.7 MHz – 927.7 MHz.-for Japan markets only

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