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Starbucks New York City Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 20 Oz

$ 45.95

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  • The Starbucks New York City Water Bottle features vacuum insulation technology, keeping your beverages hot or cold for extended periods, so you can enjoy your favorite drinks at the perfect temperature.
  • Crafted with high-quality stainless steel, this tumbler is built to last. It can withstand daily use and is resistant to impact, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.
  • Show off your love for Starbucks and the vibrant spirit of New York City with the sleek design of this tumbler. Featuring the iconic Starbucks logo and the NYC skyline, it's a statement piece that captures the essence of the bustling metropolis.
  • The secure flip-top lid ensures a spill-free experience, making it perfect for your busy lifestyle.
  • By using this reusable water bottle, you contribute to reducing single-use plastic waste and promoting sustainability. Enjoy your favorite Starbucks beverages guilt-free while making a positive impact on the environment.

Introducing the Starbucks New York City Water Bottle Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler. This 20-ounce tumbler keeps your beverages at the perfect temperature on the go. Crafted with durable stainless steel and vacuum insulation technology, it retains heat or cold for extended periods. The sleek design features the iconic Starbucks logo and NYC skyline, while the secure flip-top lid ensures no spills. With its 20-ounce capacity and compatibility with cup holders, it's perfect for daily use. This reusable tumbler is both practical and eco-friendly, reducing single-use plastic waste. Stay hydrated and stylish with this Starbucks tumbler.