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Starbucks You Are Here Series Chongqing Ceramic Mug, 14 Oz

$ 69.88

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  • CAPTIVATING DESIGN: Showcasing iconic landmarks.
  • HIGH-QUALITY CERAMIC: Crafted for durability and heat retention.
  • IDEAL CAPACITY: 14 Oz, perfect for enjoying your favorite coffee blends, hot or cold.
  • COLLECTOR'S ITEM: A valuable addition to your collection.
  • DISHWASHER & MICROWAVE SAFE: Easy to clean and warm up, suitable for everyday use.

Elevate your coffee-drinking experience with the Starbucks You Are Here Series Chongqing Mug. Order yours today and immerse yourself in the rich culture and dynamic spirit of Chongqing with every cup of Starbucks coffee. Don't miss out on this collectible that celebrates Chongqing's unique allure! Whether you're a dedicated coffee connoisseur or a collector of Starbucks mugs, the You Are Here Series Chongqing Ceramic Mug is a must-have addition to your collection. It's also an excellent gift for friends, family, or colleagues who appreciate the artistry of coffee culture and the cultural richness of Chongqing.