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Acoustic Research Performance Series AP084N HDMI Cable (3 feet)

$ 7.99

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  • Gold plated HDMI connector provides enhances picture and sound
  • 10.2 Gbps Max TMDS bandwidth
  • 48-bit color depth
  • Supports resolution up to 1080p
  • Performance optimized for TV refresh rate up to 60 Hz

See and hear the difference with these performance seriescables. The cutting edge technology, 10.2 Gbps Max TMDS bandwidth provides anamazing HD experience with 48-bit color depth. Cables support resolutions upto 1080p and are ready for all HD formats like Blu-ray, HD satellite and HDcable TV. Performance optimized for TV refresh rate up to 60Hz to get asmooth, fluid picture for high speed action. From the Manufacturer AcousticResearch Performance Series Cables There's better. Then there's the very best.But wouldn't it be great to have a touch of the very best in everything?That's what Acoustic Research cables are all about - their cables offer themost advanced technologies in cable engineering, construction and materials.But Acoustic Research doesn't keep these technologies locked-up in theirultra-premium line; they're the building blocks for all of their cables. Youchoose the level of technology that fits your needs and budget. PerformanceSeries HDMI See and hear the difference - AR Performance Series interconnectsincorporate advanced engineering, quality materials and expert construction togive you high performance at an affordable price. That translates into betterpicture, better sound. Supports resolutions up to 1080p - ready for all HDformats up to 1080p like Blu-ray, HD satellite and HD cable TV. Technical DataGold-plated HDMI connector provides enhanced picture and sound. High-bandwidth, low-interference HDMI design delivers excellent digital audio/videoperformance. Dense dual-shield design provides optimum isolation from EMI andRFI interference for accurate digital performance.