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Dragon Ball Super TCG 2018 Gift Box

$ 79.99

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  • CONTENT: 1 Leader Card (alternative art version) for a stunning collector's display
  • ALSO INCLUDES: 6 booster packs from Series 5 for diverse and powerful card options
  • PLUS: Tournament Pack (Vol.5) for added gameplay excitement

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with the Dragon Ball Super TCG 2018 Gift Box, a collector's treasure trove that encapsulates the essence of the Dragon Ball universe. Unveil the power of this special edition set, carefully curated for fans and players alike, and discover the magic within each component. This exclusive gift box features a dazzling 1 Leader Card, presented in an alternative art version that adds a unique touch to your collection. Marvel at the intricate details and artistic brilliance that capture the spirit of your favorite characters, making this Leader Card a standout centerpiece for any Dragon Ball enthusiast.