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Lego 71005 The Simpson Series Apu Simpson Character Minifigures

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  • The perfect set for fans of LEGO brick building and The Simpsons!
  • Includes Apu minifig, with Squishee Cup piece!
  • GREAT addition to the LEGO Simpsons 71006 The Simpsons House set
  • Lego Minifigure is LIMITED RELEASE & will only be available in Spring 2014
  • These Simpsons minifigs look better than the ones in the house set, because their eyes are fully open!

Apu, the proprietor of the local Kwik-E-Mart store, seems to work every hour
of every day (much to the dismay of his wife Manjula, who wouldn˪t mind a
little help with their octuplets). Occasionally, Apu likes to sneak up to his
secret Kwik-E-Mart roof-garden for spiritual replenishment À“ and to spy on his
competitors at the nearby Gulp ÀNÀ™ Blow.