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LEGO Minifigure Series 4 Punk Rocker

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  • lego
  • figure
  • Rocker

"HEY! WHO'S READY TO ROCK?!" The Punk Rocker never goes anywhere without his
favorite electric guitar, and as long as that guitar is in his hands, you can
be sure that he'll be rocking up a storm -and waking up everybody in the
neighborhood while he's at it. There are all kinds of legends about the noisy
Punk Rocker. Some say that he used to be shy and quiet until he got hit by a
bolt of lightning one day. Some say that he's sworn never to stop rocking
until his music has created world peace. But whatever you may believe, one
thing that everybody has to agree on is that the Punk Rocker is very, very,
very LOUD!