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LEGO Minifigure Series 8 Pirate Captain (8833)

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  • Series 8
  • Minifigure
  • LEGO

"Yarr! DonÀ™t ye know who I be? And if not, do ye have any suggestions?À A real
pirate is a merciless, rotten son of a sea dog, and that˪s exactly what the
Pirate Captain aspires to be. He certainly looks the part with his rugged eye-
patch, hook-hand and peg-leg, but he has to admit that he˪s had a few hiccups
along the way. First of all, his ships keep sinking. No matter whether it˪s a
man oÀ™ war or a dinghy, any vessel capsizes within five minutes of him coming
aboard. Also, he gets seasick really easily À“ sometimes just a picture of the
ocean is enough to set him off. Worst of all, he˪s having real trouble coming
up with a piratey name. All the good ones À“ from Ironhook to Brickbeard À“ seem
to already be taken. If he can just come up with a name to strike fear into
the hearts of landlubbers everywhere, the Pirate Captain figures the rest of
his problems will solve themselves!