Lego: Minifigures Series 3 > Female Tennis Player Mini-Figure

Lego: Minifigures Series 3 > Female Tennis Player Mini-Figure

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  • Lego Minifigures Series 3
  • 16 Different to Collect
  • Packaging & Leaflet Insert Included
  • Lego Display Stand Included
  • Ages 5+

"I win again!" The Tennis Player trains hard to be the very best at the game,
and she's got the athletic skills to show for it. Wherever the ball goes on
the court, she's already there, ready to send it flying right back where it
came from with a lightning-quick, precisely-aimed swing of her gleaming tennis
racket. And what a racket it is! Forged by a master racket-smith from the
metal of a rare meteorite alloy, it's lightweight, perfectly balanced and
almost indestructible. The Tennis Player never goes anywhere without it, and
she's sure that with her lucky racket in her hand, she'll never lose a match!

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