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LEGO 41528 Mixels Niksput


  • $ 1999

  • Features a cool spike hairstyle, adjustable wings, posable joints and translucent elements; stands over 3" (10cm) tall
  • Watch all your favorite Mixels characters on Cartoon Network
  • Combine with 41532 LEGO Mixels Burnard from the Infernites tribe to create a fun new MIX
  • Go to for exclusive building instructions, games, animations and much more
  • Collect all 3 members of the hi-tech Orbitons tribe to build the totally cosmic MAX

Fly dangerously with Niksput! Explore the Mixels universe with the adjustable wings of Niksput, 1 of 3 Orbitons tribe members featured in LEGO Mixels Series 4 sets. Niksput has all the charm and bravado of a leading man, but the brain of a banana! This dim-witted Orbiton with a sharp hairstyle likes to pretend that he's up for anything, and only realizes how scared he actually is when it's too late. So beware - Niksput's adjustable wings for high-speed flight combined with a total lack of skill mean that a crash landing is always likely!.

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