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LEGO NexoKnights ULTIMATE Aaron 70332 (82 pieces)

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  • Accessory elements include a helmet with sight goggles, 4 bananas and a showcase stand
  • Weapons include 2 arrow shooters, Blazer Bow shooter and a compound bow
  • Stands over 2"" (7cm) tall
  • Ultimate Aaron merges live-action play with 3 scannable shields to obtain unique NEXO Powers for digital gaming
  • Give the bad guys the slip and shoot bananas at them

LEGO Nexo Knights

Join the Nexo Knights Team! Defeat Jestro and the Book of Monsters.

Nexo Knights is an adventure-comedy taking place in a futuristic and high-tech kingdom named Knighton.

Knighton is being attacked by Jestro, an evil Book that can talk and the lava monsters army that they are both creating. ..

To bring back the peace, a group of 5 knights has the big task to defeat them.

  • Download the free LEGO Nexo Knights MERLOK 2.0 app to your smartphone or tablet. Ask your parents’ permission first.

Ultimate Aaron

Defeat Ultimate Aaron’s enemies in one stroke with the awesome Target Blaster Nexo Power. Surely the taste of victory will be sweet—and banana flavored­—as you can also attack your enemies with banana bombs!

Ultimate Clay

Spin the swords on Ultimate Clay’s ultra armor to blow the enemies off their feet! Attach the 4 Lava dragon wings and scorch them from the air, and if things aren’t going your way, protect yourself against the enemy’s deadliest weapons with the force field disc.

Ultimate Macy

Swap royal duties for some real action! Ultimate Macy might be a princess, but she knows how to fight with the futuristic Nexo Powers. Fire a Mace Rain with the 6-stud shooter, swing the Phoenix axe and tangle the enemy up in Jungle Dragon vines and sling them far!

Ultimate Robin

Ultimate Robin is only in his first year at Knight’s Academy, but has robotic ultra armor in a class of its own! Change his impressive spring-loaded shooter into robot legs to grow tall. Jolt opponents with the static shock projectiles or be sneaky and throw chicken legs at the enemy!

Follow the Knights in their Fight.

Watch all your favorite Nexo Knights episodes on Cartoon Network.

Arrow Strike
Banana Bombs
Target Blaster
Nexo Power included ✔ ✔ ✔
Power - Description The knight raises his weapon upward and command a volley of arrows that falls in front of him. The knight place a banana (trap) on the ground. When an enemy approach the banana, it explodes, dealing damage to the enemy and healing the knight a bit. The knight use the digital power of Merlok to analyse his target, revealing flaws, making the enemy vulnerable.