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LEGO NINJAGO Masters of Spinjitzu: Firstbourne 70653 Building Kit (882 Pieces)

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  • Buildable Firstbourne dragon figure toy measures over 7 (19cm) high, 20 (53cm) long and 18 (48cm) wide HunterCopter helicopter toy measures over 4 (11cm) high, 9 (25cm) long and 2 (6cm) wide
  • Get ready for battle! Kids will love building the LEGO NINJAGO Firstbourne set with a red dragon. Build the stud-shooting HunterCopter helicopter, for epic ninja warrior adventures. This perfect playset for boys and girls who love ninjas and dragons!
  • This model is built with 882 pieces and includes 6 minifigures: Kai, Cole, Heavy Metal, Jet Jack, Chew Toy and Muzzle, plus a pedestal and Vengestone chain. Kids will love roleplaying epic battle scenes between the helicopter and dragon model.
  • Red dragon Firstbourne attacks with a swiping tail, and includes flapping wings and a minifigure saddle so the ninja figures can ride the dragon. The helicopter model features stud shooters, dragon bait and assorted ninja weapons.
  • LEGO NINJAGO Masters of Spinjitzu: Firstbourne dragon building kit is compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building.

Style:Standard Repel the dragon hunters’ HunterCopter attacks on first Bourne
with Ninja warriors Cole and Kai and claim the dragon armor. The highly
posable LEGO Ninjago 70653 first Bourne Dragon features a removable minifigure
saddle, plus flapping wings and swiping tail functions. The hunter copter has
stud shooters and vengestone chain element to lower minifigures, attach to
first Bourne or lower the cooked turkey element as dragon bait. This set also
includes a pedestal to hold 2 collectible dragon armor elements—the dragon
helmet and dragon chest plate—plus 6 LEGO Ninjago mini figures with assorted