LEGO Space Alien Defender 7050

Regular price $ 29.99

  • Shoot down the hoverbike with the super-agile scout vehicle!
  • Includes Alien Defence Unit soldier and Alien Pilot minifigures
  • Scout vehicle features anti-UFO laser and 2 flick missiles
  • Mini hoverbike included
  • 105 Total Pieces

Product description Jump on the scout vehicle to catch that alien invader! The
alien defense unit soldier is patrolling the city in his swift scout vehicle
when an alien invader whizzes by on his spaced-out mini hover bike. Nab the
invader with the scout vehicle's rotating anti-UFO laser and 2 flick missiles!
He won't make it past the fully armed alien defense unit this time. From the
Manufacturer While patrolling the city in his scout vehicle, the Alien Defense
Unit soldier spots an alien invader buzzing past on its super-fast mini
hoverbike on the lookout for humans to capture. Step on the gas and shoot the
intruder down using the rotating anti-UFO laser and 2 flick missiles!

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