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LEGO Superheroes Mighty Micros: Batman Vs. Harley Quinn 76092 Building Kit (86 Piece)

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  • LEGO DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros playsets are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
  • Build Batmans Batwing and Harley Quinns Wind-Up car and begin a fun-packed Mighty Micros showdown with toy figures
  • Includes a Batman figure with a grappling hook and cape element, and Harley Quinn figure with a hammer element
  • Batwing vehicle measures over 1 (3cm) high, 1 (4cm) long and 1 (5cm) wide Wind-Up car measures over 1 (3cm) high, 1 (5cm) long and 1 (4cm) wide
  • 86 pieces For boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 12

  • Includes Batman and Harley Quinn minifigures with mini legs

  • BatmanÃââ„s mighty Micros Batwing features the bat symbol and 2 non-shooting guns

  • Harley quinnÃââ„s mighty Micros Ãâœwind-upÃâ℠car features a handle and translucent-yellow headlight elements

  • Multiple mighty Micros sets to collect, including 76093 mighty Micros: night wing vs. The Joker and 76094 mighty Micros: Supergirl vs. Brainiac, for even more battle fun

  • Batwing measures over 1Ãâ (3cm) high, 1Ãâ (4cm) long and 1Ãâ (5cm) wide, Ãâœwind-upÃâ℠car measures over 1Ãâ (3cm) high, 1Ãâ (5cm) long and 1Ãâ (4cm) wide

Race to control Gotham City!

ItÃââ„s BatmanÃââ„s Batwing against Harley QuinnÃââ„s ÃâœWind-UpÃâ℠speedster.

A funny, action-packed vehicle battle!

Will BatmanÃââ„s gadgets be enough to beat Harley QuinnÃââ„s silly antics?

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Mighty Micros Ãâ“ Batman vs. Harley Quinn

The Batwing zooms for justice!

Roll BatmanÃââ„s famous aircraft to pursue your speedy opponent!

Harley QuinnÃââ„s wild ride!

The clown princess of mischief is on a roll in her wacky Ãâœwind-upÃâ℠car!

Gear up for maximum speed!

Use BatmanÃââ„s grappling hook to take on Harley QuinnÃââ„s mischievous mallet!

Hero against villain!

Who will be the first to reach the finish line and control the streets of Gotham City?

Iconic characters at a mini size!

Includes Batman and Harley Quinn minifigures with special short legs.