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Mega Cards Yu-Gi-Oh! Genesis Impact Booster Box

by Konami
$ 53.49

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  • Master three brand-new Deck strategies while keeping your eyes peeled for Collectors Rares in Decembers new 60-card booster set, Genesis Impact!
  • Striking Artwork: Each card boasts captivating and collectible artwork, enhancing the visual appeal of your deck.
  • Deck Enhancement: Elevate your dueling experience by incorporating new cards into your deck for increased power and versatility.

Dive into the next level of dueling with the Mega Cards Yu-Gi-Oh! Genesis Impact Booster Box. Unleash the power of ancient forces and cutting-edge strategies with this thrilling expansion set. Inside each box, you'll find 24 booster packs, each packed with potential game-changers. Genesis Impact introduces a plethora of new cards, including powerful monsters and game-altering spells, reshaping the landscape of dueling. Seek out rare cards, including Secret Rares and Ultra Rares, and elevate your deck to new heights. With striking artwork and game-changing mechanics, this booster box is a must-have for both seasoned duelists and newcomers looking to enhance their Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG experience. Command the elements and dominate the battlefield with Mega Cards' Genesis Impact Booster Box.