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Microsoft Surface Headphones

$ 326.95

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  • Hear crisp, clear audio. Omnisonic Audio wraps you in your favorite music, shows, and more
  • Lightweight, breathable, and a comfortable size you can wear for a full day of travel or at the office. Noise cancellation Up to 30 dB for active noise cancellation, Up to 40 dB for passive noise cancellation
  • Your built in assistant can do it for you. Just ask Microsoft Cortana to play your favorite artist, set a reminder, make a call, get answers to questions, and more. Compatibility Windows 10, iOS, Android, MacOS
  • Keep it quiet with active noise cancellation you can adjust with an easy on ear dial. Or, turn it all the way down to better hear conversations without removing headphones. Frequency response:20 20 kHz
  • Use your voice and simple, intuitive controls to adjust the volume, skip tracks, mute your mic, or hang up calls. Audio pauses when you take your headphones off , USB cord length 1.5 meter , Audio cable length 1.2 meter.

From the manufacturer Turn it up, tune it out Crisp, clear audio envelops you
in your music. Easily control volume and adjust noise cancellation levels with
on-ear dials. Even your voice is captured with exceptional clarity. Get
comfortable Listen in comfort and style all day with soft ear cups and
lightweight design. Use voice or touch to adjust volume, skip tracks, mute
your mic, and end calls. Say hello to your new assistant Use your voice to get
more done and leave your hands free. ?Hey Cortana, join my meeting.? She can
play your favorite artist, make calls, check your schedule, and more. Connect
to your world Pairing to your phone or computer is easy. Listen throughout
your day with up to 15 hours of battery life and fast charging for almost an
hour of music in just 5 minutes - plus up to 18 hours of battery life by
turning off Cortana voice activation.3. Immerse yourself in silence Adjustable
Active Noise Cancellation technology means you choose how much you tune out.
Turn up the silence on planes, trains, or when surrounding noise is at its
loudest. Turn it down to adjust when you want to be more aware of what?s going
on around you, like in the office or on city streets. Don?t miss a beat with
intelligent shortcuts All you have to do is ask. ?Hey, Cortana. What?s on my
calendar today?? Cortana, your intelligent assistant, can play your favorite
artist, start calls, answer questions, and more. She?ll check your schedule,
send an email, or remind you about a task. From your doorstep to your office,
on the train or in the air, listen in comfort and style All day. Your music
and phone calls sound spectacular with rich, clear audio and adjustable noise
cancellation. And use your voice to get more done with your hands free. ?Hey
Cortana, skip to the next song.?1