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nanoblock - Pikachu [Pokémon], nanoblock Pokémon Series Building Kit

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  • Pikachu From Nanoblock'S Pokemon Collection Series Stands Approximately 1.8" Tall And Has 120 Pieces
  • Difficulty: Based On A Scale From 1 To 5. 1 Being The Easiest And 5 Being Most Advanced. This Model Is Based At A Level 2, For Ages 8+
  • With Bricks As Small As 4Mmx5Mm And Manufactured To The Highest Tolerances For A Perfect Fit, Make Amazing 3D Art That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand. All Sets Come With Detailed Step By Step Instructions
  • Build Models With Incredible Detail, Astounding Authenticity, And Unparalleled Realism, Results Unmatched By Other Block-Based Systems

Pikachu naturally stores up electricity in its body, and it needs to discharge
that energy on a regular basis to maintain good health. To take advantage of
this, some have suggested creating a Pikachu-fueled power plant. Pikachu from
Nanoblock's Pokémon Collection series stands approximately 1.8" tall and has
120 pieces. This is considered an entry level kit. This kit features all the
details one would expect and is fun and easy to build! Look for origin of
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