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Pokemon Card Game Sword & Shield Expansion Pack Paradigm Trigger Box Japanese

by Pokemon
$ 99.99

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  • 100+ collectible cards featuring new Pokemon from the Sword & Shield region
  • Includes powerful Trainer and Energy cards to enhance deck strategy
  • Stunning artwork and exciting gameplay adds depth to Pokemon battles for fans of all levels.

This is the fourth main expansion set of the 2022 Sword & Shield TCG, and the final main expansion pack set of the year and generation before the Scarlet & Violet TCG series arrives in 2023 (the last Japanese Sword & Shield set will be S12a High Class Pack VSTAR Universe).This set will include Lugia V and VSTAR, as well as Regidraco V / VSTAR, Regieleki V / VMAX, and Unown V / VSTAR. Paradigm Also includes the first ever VSTAR Power Trainer cards, Grove Tablet and Earth Tablet.