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Pokemon TCG: First Partner Pack: Galar

by Pokemon
$ 16.99

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  • Pokemon TCG: First Partner Pack - Galar celebrates the Galar region's first partner Pokemon.
  • Features a selection of cards with captivating artwork, perfect for collectors and fans.
  • A special edition pack that captures the essence of the Galar region.

The Pokemon TCG: First Partner Pack - Galar is a must-have for any Pokemon Trading Card Game enthusiast. This special pack features a selection of cards showcasing the iconic first partner Pokemon from the Galar region. With stunning artwork and collectible appeal, it's a great addition to your card collection. Whether you're a fan of Grookey, Scorbunny, or Sobble, this pack lets you celebrate the Galar region's unique starters. Start your adventure in the Pokemon TCG with the Galar First Partner Pack today!