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Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield Silver Tempest Build & Battle Stadium

by Pokemon
$ 49.99

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  • Inside this box, youll find 2 individual Build & Battle Boxes, each containing a ready-to-play 40-card deck. Each deck includes 1 of 4 possible foil promo cards(Cards are randomly slotted. No specific card selection is available).
  • You will also receive 4 additional Sword & ShieldSilver Tempest booster packs.
  • You will also receive 6 damage-counter dice, 1 competition-legal coin-flip die, and 2 acrylic condition markers.
  • This also comes with a collectors box to hold everything.

  1. Stadium Box: The product comes in a sturdy and stylish stadium-themed box, perfect for storing and transporting your Pokémon TCG collection. The box features captivating artwork from the Sword & Shield expansion, immersing you in the Galar region's exciting world.Four Build & Battle Boxes: Inside the Stadium Box, you'll find four individual Build & Battle Boxes. Each box contains a unique 23-card Evolution pack featuring key cards from the Sword & Shield expansion, including one of four special promo cards. These promo cards are exclusive to the Build & Battle Stadium and cannot be found in regular booster packs.

  2. Deck-Building Pack: Each Build & Battle Box also contains an additional 4-card pack with essential Trainer cards and energy cards to help you construct and enhance your deck. These cards are carefully curated to provide a solid foundation for building a competitive deck, regardless of your skill level.

  3. Gameplay Accessories: The Build & Battle Stadium includes various gameplay accessories to enhance your Pokémon TCG experience. It provides a deck-building guide to assist beginners in constructing their decks and understanding gameplay mechanics. You'll also find a rulebook, damage counters, and a custom coin featuring iconic Pokémon designs.

  4. Online Code Cards: Every Build & Battle Box includes a code card that unlocks the deck contents in the Pokémon TCG Online game. This allows you to continue your Pokémon TCG journey online, battling opponents from around the world and expanding your digital card collection.