ROLI Lightpad Block

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  • The surface of the Light pad Block is tactile and pressure-responsive, letting you shape music through taps, glides, presses, and other intuitive gestures
  • The surface is arranged in illuminated grids that guide you to find notes and shape soundsSpecial modes help you learn, play in tune, and stay in time
  • The Light pad Block connects wirelessly with NOISE, the free app, so you can choose a sound on NOISE and play it on the Light pad Block
  • The Light pad Block connects to other Blocks in the system, so you can expand your kit and add more control
  • Mobile & Tablet Requirements : iPhone 6 or newer, iPad Air 2 or newer, iPad Mini 4 or newer, iPad Pro (9.7, 10.5 and 12.9 inches), iOS 9.0 or above, Google Pixel or Pixel 2 (Limited support)

style:Lightpad Block The Light pad Block is the center of the BLOCKS system.
You make music through natural movements on the Block’s smooth, glowing,
pressure-responsive surface. Drop beats and shape melodies by striking,
sliding, and pressing your fingers on the surface. Illuminated grids help you
find your notes. Light Trails guide you to learn musical gestures quickly. To
get started on BLOCKS, all you need is a Light pad Block and NOISE, the iOS

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