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SanDisk 512MB CompactFlash Card, SDCFB-512-A10 CF Type I Card

by SanDisk
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  • 512 MB CompactFlash
  • Removable data storage system
  • Ultracompact
  • Industry-standard compatibility
  • For use in digital cameras, PDAs, HPCs, personal communicators, and MP3s

About the size of a matchbook and weighing in at a mere
half an ounce, the SanDisk 512MB CompactFlash Memory Card has a high storage
capacity, and delivers a high transfer rate for fast copy and download. It is
a non-volatile storage solution that offers high performance with low power
consumption, and resists breakage as they are not affected by extreme heat or
cold. Compatible with all digital cameras, handheld PCs, digital audio
players, and other devices that feature a CompactFlash slot. The
size of a matchbook and weighing only half an ounce, the 512 MB CompactFlash
card from SanDisk is an ultrasmall, removable data storage system.
CompactFlash memory has built-in, industry-standard compatibility because its
50-pin card can easily be slipped into a passive, 68-pin Type II adapter card
that fully meets PC Card electrical and mechanical specifications. Expanding
functionality and allowing products to be smaller and lighter, CompactFlash
has been designed into more than 200 mobile products including digital
cameras, handheld PCs, personal communicators, medical monitors, and audio
recorders. The SanDisk 512 MB CompactFlash card comes with a 5-year warranty.