SanDisk Extreme PRO 480GB  SSD SDSSDXPS-480G-G2 s.5" SATA 6GB/s

SanDisk Extreme PRO 480GB SSD SDSSDXPS-480G-G2 s.5" SATA 6GB/s

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  • 2.5-inch Form Factor, 480 Capacity, SATA Revision 3.0 (6/Gb/s)
  • Sequential Read up to 550 MB/s, Sequential Write up to 515 MB/s
  • Random Read up to 100K IOPS, Random Write up to 90K IOPS
  • Operating Temperature 32F to 158F (0C to 70C)
  • Power Consumption (0.15w) Vibration 5 gRMS, 10-2000 HZ / 4.9 gRMS, 7-800 HZ

The480GB Extreme Pro Solid State DrivefromSanDiskutilizes nCache Pro technology allowing the drive to withstand the harsh 24/7 operating environment found in many machines today. In addition to 24/7 operability, this drive can be overclocked to offer enhanced performance when needed. Add in the innovative TRIM support and Background Garbage Collection and this drive will continue to run efficiently as unallocated blocks are constantly freed up. This SanDisk SSD comes equipped with a SATA 3 interface offering up to 6 Gb/s data transfer rates, along with a sequential read speed of up to 550 MB/s and sequential write speed of up to 515 MB/s. These data speeds are accompanied by random read speeds of up to 100,000 IOPS and random write speeds of up to 90,000 IOPS.

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