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Starbucks Been There Series South Carolina Ceramic Demitasse Ornament Mug, 2 Oz

$ 29.99

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  • Intricately illustrated mug capturing South Carolina's iconic landmarks and symbols.
  • Represents historical sites like Fort Sumter, reflecting the state's significance in American history.
  • Celebrates the state's coastal beauty with lighthouses, sailboats, and maritime culture.
  • Ideal for collectors, travelers, or anyone intrigued by different cultures and places.

Introducing the Starbucks Been There Series South Carolina Ceramic Demitasse Ornament Mug – a tiny masterpiece that encapsulates the charm and history of the Palmetto State. Carefully crafted and beautifully detailed, this 2 oz ceramic demitasse ornament mug is more than just a decoration; it's a tribute to South Carolina's rich culture, stunning landscapes, and remarkable heritage.

Exquisite Design: Adorned with intricate illustrations and vivid colors, the mug captures the essence of South Carolina's most iconic landmarks and symbols. From the historic charm of Charleston's architecture to the serene beauty of its coastal shores, every detail has been meticulously incorporated.

Historical Significance: This demitasse ornament mug is a portal to South Carolina's past. It features representations of Fort Sumter and other historical sites, reflecting the state's pivotal role in American history.

Coastal Beauty: The design also pays homage to South Carolina's picturesque beaches and maritime culture. From lighthouses to sailboats, the coastal elements on the mug evoke the sense of adventure and relaxation that the state's coastline offers.

Southern Flair: Celebrate the hospitality and warmth of the South with the Starbucks Been There Series South Carolina Ceramic Demitasse Ornament Mug. The design captures the welcoming spirit that South Carolina is known for.

Perfect Ornament: With a 2 oz capacity, this ceramic demitasse mug is ideal for hanging on your Christmas tree, displaying in your kitchen, or adding to your collection of treasured ornaments.

Thoughtful Gift: Whether you're a collector, a traveler, or simply captivated by the stories of different places, this mug makes for a delightful gift. Its unique blend of aesthetics and cultural significance is a thoughtful way to share the spirit of South Carolina.