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Starbucks Collector Relief Series New York Taxi Mug, 16 Oz

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  • Starbucks New York City Mug The Big Apple Collector Coffee Mug
  • Ceramic Coffee Mug 16 Fl Oz/ 473 mL

Color:White Starbucks produces mugs for various cities not only around the
United States.. but around the world.They have been doing this for some time
now.Some cities/locales are more sought after than others.The NYC Starbucks
mugs are collectible & desirable.The NYC Taxi Cab/ New York City Skyline mug
is only issued by Starbucks in New York City. One of the current New York City
Starbucks mugs is the collectible New York City yellow cab mug with New York
City Skyline.The predominant colors of the Starbucks New York City taxi
skyline mug are black & white.The Starbucks New York City yellow taxi mug
features the distinctive skyline of Manhattan.