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SteelSeries Flux Gaming Headset for PC and other Mobile Devices - Luxury Edition


  • $ 4999
  • Save $ 4000

SteelSeries Flux Headset - Luxury Edition is the premium version of the Flux Headset. The headset comes in black with SteelSeries orange audio cables. The standard cables include both the PC and Mobile cable along with the extended PC cable connectors. The ear cushions have been upgraded from cloth to black leather with white double stitching. In addition, a custom set of side plates are included along with the standard black plates. Flux - Luxury Edition also comes with a cloth carrying bag for easy transport of the headset and all included accessories.

By definition, flux is change, mutability, rate of transport and more. By manifestation, the SteelSeries Flux is the most customizable and versatile headset SteelSeries has ever developed.

The Flux Gaming Headset is designed to go everywhere and anywhere you want to go. The design allows for a high quality audio experience whether you are on the go, competing at gaming tournaments, at the office, or kicking back at home.

Omni-directional mic allows you to control what others hear from you

Always ready for transport by neatly folding in a couple of convenient ways.

Includes interchangeable cable connections - PC, Mobile, and 2m extension cables

Dual jacks so your friend can listen with you

Interchangeable earcushions and ear cup plates - 2nd set of designer ear cup plates included