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Weiss Schwarz: Tokyo Revengers Booster Box

$ 49.95

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  • Gritty Urban World: Immerse yourself in the tumultuous world of Tokyo Revengers with cards featuring your favorite characters from the series. The artwork captures the raw energy and intensity of street fights, gang rivalries, and the quest for redemption.
  • Exclusive Cards: Discover rare and exclusive cards that can only be found in this booster box. These cards not only enhance your deck's power but also become prized possessions in your Tokyo Revengers collection.
  • Time-Bending Moments: Relive pivotal moments from the anime and manga series as you play with cards inspired by key events. Whether it's a life-altering decision or a heart-pounding confrontation, this booster box lets you experience them all.
  • Collectible Thrill: Whether you're a devoted Tokyo Revengers fan or a dedicated Weiss Schwarz collector, this booster box promises endless excitement.

Introducing the Weiss Schwarz: Tokyo Revengers Booster Box – an explosive addition to your Weiss Schwarz card collection that plunges you into the gripping world of Tokyo Revengers! Experience the gritty underworld, time travel, and intense brawls as you wield these cards in epic battles.

Don't miss your chance to level up your Weiss Schwarz deck and dive headfirst into the ruthless streets of Tokyo with the Weiss Schwarz: Tokyo Revengers Booster Box. Join the fight, rewrite your story, and become a legend in the world of Tokyo Revengers!