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Weiss Schwarz: Trading Card Game Sword Art Online 10th Anniversary Booster Box [16 Packs]

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  • Celebrate Sword Art Online's 10th Anniversary in style with new character illustrations in Weiss Schwarz.
  • Excitingly, each pack you purchase holds the potential to reveal a coveted sign card featuring the signatures of beloved cast members such as Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Kirito), Haruka Tomatsu (Asuna), and more!
  • The sign cards feature a star-studded lineup of voice actors, including Kanae Ito, Aoi Yuuki, Inori Minase, and others, adding an exclusive touch to your collection.
  • With every pack, you get a chance to bring home these special sign cards, making your Sword Art Online experience even more memorable.
  • Don't miss this opportunity to commemorate a decade of Sword Art Online animation with Weiss Schwarz's new illustrations and collectible sign cards!

Experience a decade of Sword Art Online in grand style with the Weiss Schwarz Trading Card Game's Sword Art Online 10th Anniversary Booster Box, a collector's gem like no other.

A Decade of SAO Magic: Enter the captivating world of Aincrad and its many realms as we commemorate ten extraordinary years of Sword Art Online. Whether you're a seasoned fan or new to the series, this booster box invites you to relive cherished moments and iconic characters.

16 Packs of Thrills: Inside this special anniversary booster box, you'll uncover 16 packs, each a portal to the rich tapestry of Sword Art Online. Open these packs to reveal new illustrations, potent cards, and exclusive collectibles, all designed to deepen your connection to the SAO universe.

Signatures from the Stars: Every pack carries the potential to house an exclusive sign card bearing the authentic signatures of the series' cast. Imagine holding in your hands the autographs of your beloved Sword Art Online characters, from Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Kirito to Haruka Tomatsu as Asuna. These sign cards are not just collectibles; they are tokens of the enduring legacy of Sword Art Online.

Relive Legendary Moments: The booster packs feature fresh illustrations of your favorite characters, allowing you to relive legendary scenes and epic battles from Sword Art Online. Whether it's Kirito and Asuna's iconic clashes or the camaraderie of the SAO ensemble, these cards capture the very essence of the series.

Craft Your Dream Deck: Forge your ideal deck from the cards within this booster box. Whether you seek a dominant Kirito-centric deck or one inspired by the diverse SAO world, the possibilities are boundless. Fine-tune your strategies and engage in electrifying duels with fellow Sword Art Online enthusiasts.