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ZeroWater BPA-Free Replacement Water Filter for ZeroWater Pitchers and Dispensers NSF Certified

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  • ZEROWATER REPLACEMENT FILTERS: Ensure you are drinking pure-tasting, cleaner water by replacing your ZeroWater pitcher filters regularly. Our replacement filters fit in all ZeroWater pitchers and water dispensers, from the smallest pitcher to the largest.
  • FIVE STAGE WATER FILTRATION: Unlike many water filters & pitchers, ZeroWater filters use 5 stages of filtration, to bring you cleaner, better tasting water. Instead of carbon filtering only, our filters use Ion Exchange Technology to reduce contaminants.
  • NOT AN ORDINARY WATER FILTER: ZeroWater filters filter water in 5 stages, are NSF certified to reduce lead and other heavy metals. Zerowater removes 99.6% of total dissolved solids, 2X more than the leading brand (tested by independent lab).
  • GET MORE OUT OF YOUR WATER: Remove more impurities from your water with ZeroWater's unique, 5 stage filter system. With a variety of options, you can have cleaner water anywhere, from pitchers, bottle filtration systems, or portable on-the-go cup filters.
  • ZEROWATER QUALITY: Some ZeroWater filters are compatible with other brands of water pitchers. Try switching to ZeroWater if you have used water filters or pitchers from Brita, Pur, Aquagear, Nakii, Waterdrop, Kenmore, Berkey, Fridgidaire, or Aquasana

Size:1-Pack "ZeroWater's 5-stage filtration technology removes 2x the TDS
versus leading competitors. The 5-stage filter transforms your tap water into
delicious, TDS-free drinking water. Get more out of your water with
ZeroWater's 5- Stage Water Filtration. 5-Stage Filtration: Stage 1 - Removes
suspended solids such as dust and rust that make your water appear cloudyStage
2 - Removes additional suspended solidsStage 3 - Removes organic contaminants;
pesticides, herbicides, Mercury, Chlorine, Chloramine, and stops bacteria from
growingStage 4 - Removes inorganic compounds i.e. metals, nonmetals and
radiological contaminants.Stage 5 - Removes remaining suspended solids, holds
the resin in place What is TDS: Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) refer to
minerals, salts, metals including lead, chemicals, fluoride and runoff
polluting your drinking water. ZeroWater Technology is the only water
filtration system to remove 99% of TDS, equivalent to TDS in purified bottled
water. Get more out of your water with ZeroWater's Premium 5-Stage Water