Acoustic Research AP231  High Performance video 3-way splitter

Acoustic Research AP231 High Performance video 3-way splitter

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  • 3 way

Acoustic Research Performance Cables provide an exceptional viewing
experience. S-Video cable greatly improves the performance of equipment with
an S-Video connection. Component cables provide the highest color balance and
sharpest, most accurate picture for DVD players with component video outputs
and high-end TVs with component video inputs.This cable features improved
picture clarity from corrosion-resistant, gold-plated precision connectors and
improved picture quality from solid, printed circuit board. The cable evenly
distributes signals through built-in impedance matching circuitry. It provides
optimum picture quality and signal transfer from corrosion-resistant, gold-
plated contacts. It works with all amplified TV antennas through the use of DC
pass design.

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