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High Power 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN USB Adapter – GM5 Match Box

by ARGtek
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$ 12.99

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  • Ensure a Continuous Connection
  • Combined with Wired and/or Wireless Connections
  • Break the Bandwidth Limitation of ISP
  • Accelerate Download Speed

Innovative and easy multipath wireless Internet connection. When it comes to wireless Internet connection for a portable computer, the access speed is always not enough. But now you have an effective solution – the Give-Me-Five wireless multipath access. In Give-Me-Five, multiple wireless connections are virtually bonded into a single channel with aggregated bandwidth.  Bonding creates high-bandwidth pipes for data transport in your high traffic network. Bonding also creates redundant links, fault tolerance and load balancing networks. It essentially delivers high availability in your network segment.