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LEGO Jurassic World Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate 75930 Building Kit 1019 pieces

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  • Includes 6 minifigures: Owen, Claire, Maisie, Mills, Wheatley and Eversol, plus an Indoraptor and baby Velociraptor figure
  • The 3-level Lockwood Estate features an office, bedroom with bed, laboratory area with museum display cases and a collapsible roof
  • Indoraptor and Velociraptor feature posable limbs, head and snapping jaws,
  • Accessory elements include an auction hammer, umbrella, dinosaur egg and a buildable triceratops skull
  • This toy for girls and boys is suitable for ages 8-12
  • Lockwood Estate measures over 8"" (22cm) high, 6"" (16cm) wide and 8"" (22cm) deep
  • Owen's bike measures over 1"" (3cm) high and 1"" (5cm) long, Indoraptor stands over 4"" (12cm) tall
  • Triceratops skull measures over 3"" (8cm) high, 3"" (9cm) wide and 2"" (6cm) deep

Recreate the thrills of Jurassic World!

Play out an epic dinosaur battle with this thrilling set.

The Indoraptor is loose in Lockwood Estate!

Help Owen, Claire, and Blue save Maisie.

LEGO Jurassic World Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate

The deadly dinosaur is on a rampage!

The Indoraptor is smashing windows and causing mayhem.

Will you escape his snapping jaws?

Hide under Maisie’s bed and wait for help.

Brain power vs. dino power!

Solve mysteries in the lab.

Blue vs. Indoraptor – who will win?

Blue battles the ferocious dinosaur to save the Owen, Claire, and Maisie.

Stop Mills, Wheatley, and Eversol!

Don’t let them get away with their evil plans.

Build your own layout of Lockwood Estate!

The three-story building features reconfigurable walls, a museum, laboratory, office, and bedroom.

Includes six minifigures and three dinosaurs!

Owen, Claire, Maisie, Mills, Eversol, and Wheatley, Indoraptor, Blue and baby dinosaur.