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LEGO Superheroes Superman & Krypto Team-up 76096 Building Kit (199 Piece)

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  • Build Lobos Space Hog bike featuring Kryptonite stud shooters and bomb-release function and a Kryptonite prison with an explode function
  • Includes 3 Justice League figuresa Superman figure, Lobo figure plus a buildable Krypto figureplus 10 Power Burst elements
  • Space Hog measures over 3 (9cm) high, 7 (20cm) long and 4 (11cm) wide Kryptonite prison measures over 2 (7cm) high, 4 (11cm) wide and 1 (5cm) deep
  • 199 pieces Superhero toy for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 12
  • LEGO DC Super Heroes playsets are compatible with all LEGO building sets for creative building

  • Includes Superman and lobo minifigures, plus a buildable Krypto the superdog figure

  • Lobo's Space Hog bike features a minifigure seat, 2 Kryptonite stud shooters, bomb-dropping function and 2 adjustable boosters

  • Kryptonite prison features 2 translucent-green prison walls and an explode function

  • Connect the kryptonite prison to the 76097 Lex Luthor Mech Takedown set for even more Justice League action

  • Space Hog measures over 3"" (9cm) high, 7"" (20cm) long and 4"" (11cm) wide, kryptonite prison measures over 2"" (7cm) high, 4"" (11cm) wide and 1"" (5cm) deep

Look out for Lobo!

The rough and tough intergalactic bounty hunter is on SupermanÃââ„s trail, and he wonÃââ„t give up without a fight!

Help Superman escape from LoboÃââ„s Kryptonite prison!

Team up the Man of Steel with Krypto the Super-Dog to defeat Lobo!

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Superman & Krypto Team-up




Power up your action!

Use the Power Burst elements to customize your builds and minifigures.

Krypto to the rescue!

The faithful super-pooch can use LoboÃââ„s own bomb to 'explode' the prison and set Superman free.

Who needs roads?

Build LoboÃââ„s powerful Space Hog star-cycle and help the bounty hunter blast his way through the galaxy!

Superman captured!

Lock Superman inside the Kryptonite prison to drain his powers.

Iconic Justice League characters!

Set includes Superman and Lobo minifigures, plus Krypto dog figure.