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Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Fusion Strike Build and Battle Booster Kit Box Set

by Pokemn
$ 49.99

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  • The road ahead reveals limitless potential the new Fusion Strike style emerges harness the unbound spirit Pokemon and Trainers alike! Adaptable new Pokemon V like Genesect Hoopa and Mew VMAX are eager for battle, while Single Strike and Rapid Strike Pokemon loom large Rillaboom VMAX, Cinderace VMAX, and Inteleon VMAX appear their Gigantamax forms. with the flow and discover powerful new strategies Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Fusion Strike!
  • Each unit includes: A 23-card Evolution pack featuring key cards from current and prior sets, including 1 4 alternate-art promo cards 4 Pokemon TCG: Sword & ShieldFusion Strike booster packs 1 deck-building tip sheet
  • The selection cards gives you a strong foundation for building anew deck play against your friends. Get ready face your opponents with the Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield-Fusion Strike Build & Battle Stadium!
  • The Build & Battle Stadium includes everything you need for two players prepare and battle

This Build and Battle Booster Kit Box Set is the ultimate entry point into the exciting world of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Packed with everything you need to get started, this set is perfect for both beginners and experienced Trainers alike.

Inside the Fusion Strike Build and Battle Booster Kit Box Set, you'll find four booster packs from the Sword & Shield Fusion Strike expansion. Each booster pack contains a random assortment of cards, including powerful Pokémon, Trainer cards, and Energy cards. With a total of 40 cards to add to your collection, you'll be well-equipped to take on any challenge.

But that's not all – this kit also includes a 23-card Evolution pack, featuring one of four exclusive promo cards showcasing a formidable Pokémon V. These promo cards are highly sought-after and can only be found in the Fusion Strike Build and Battle Booster Kit Box Set, making them a must-have for collectors and avid fans.

To further enhance your gameplay experience, the kit provides essential tools and resources. It includes a rulebook, a playmat featuring strategic guides, and a deck-building tip sheet. These resources will help you understand the game mechanics, plan your strategies, and optimize your deck for maximum effectiveness.

The Fusion Strike Build and Battle Booster Kit Box Set is not only a gateway to thrilling Pokémon battles, but also a treasure trove for collectors. Discover new Pokémon, uncover rare cards, and add unique pieces to your ever-growing collection.

Step into the fusion phenomenon and unleash the power of combined forces with the Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield Fusion Strike Build and Battle Booster Kit Box Set. Prepare for epic battles, strategic triumphs, and endless fun as you embark on your journey to become a Pokémon Master. Get your kit today and join the ranks of the most legendary Trainers in the Pokémon universe!