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Starbucks Been There Series Los Angeles Ceramic Mug, 14 Oz

$ 38.99

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  • 14-ounce ceramic mug
  • Captures the essence of Los Angeles' landmarks and culture
  • Crafted from high-quality ceramic for durability
  • Perfect for coffee enthusiasts, collectors, and LA aficionados

Introducing the Starbucks Been There Series Los Angeles Ceramic Mug, a 14-ounce masterpiece that encapsulates the vibrant spirit and iconic landmarks of the City of Angels. This meticulously crafted ceramic mug is more than just drinkware; it's a piece of art that allows you to savor your favorite beverages while celebrating the essence of Los Angeles.

The front of the mug showcases a stunning and detailed illustration of Los Angeles' most famous attractions and symbols. From the legendary Hollywood Sign to the palm-lined streets of Beverly Hills, the mug transports you to the heart of this bustling metropolis. The design also pays homage to the city's rich entertainment industry, featuring subtle nods to movie reels and stars.

On the back of the mug, you'll discover fascinating insights and fun facts about Los Angeles, providing a deeper connection to this iconic city. Whether you're a lifelong Angeleno or an admirer from afar, these details add an extra layer of enjoyment to your daily coffee routine.