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Starbucks You Are Here Collection London Ceramic Demitasse Cup, 2 Oz

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  • Color Scheme: Predominantly white with colorful and detailed illustrations
  • Memorabilia: Serves as a souvenir or memorabilia for London enthusiasts and Starbucks collectors
  • IMPORTANT: Hand wash only. Do not microwave.

Experience the essence of London with our Starbucks You Are Here Collection Ceramic Demitasse Cup. This meticulously crafted 2oz cup captures the iconic landmarks and vibrant spirit of the city. Each sip transports you to the bustling streets of London, as intricate illustrations showcase the Tower Bridge, the majestic Big Ben, and the charming red double-decker buses.

Crafted with care, this demitasse cup not only holds your favorite espresso or tea but also serves as a unique piece of art that celebrates the rich history of London. The ceramic construction ensures durability and maintains beverage temperature, while the comfortable handle allows for a cozy, leisurely grip.

Whether you're a passionate collector of Starbucks memorabilia or a lover of all things London, this cup is a must-have addition to your collection. Display it proudly, share its charm with friends, or simply enjoy your daily dose of caffeine in a cup that encapsulates the essence of a city that's always on the move.

Elevate your coffee breaks and relive the magic of London with every sip from this Starbucks You Are Here Collection Ceramic Demitasse Cup.