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Weiss Schwarz Attack on Titan Booster Box

$ 51.73

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  • Stand up against the Titan onslaught with the 2015 Weiss Schwarz Attack on Titan English Edition Booster Box! - 100 types of cards + 18 parallel - 8 cards per pack - 20 packs per box.
  • Breathtaking Artwork: Experience the essence of the series through breathtaking artwork that captures the intensity and emotion of Attack on Titan.
  • Versatile Deck Building: Seamlessly integrate these cards into your existing deck or use them to craft a dedicated Attack on Titan-themed deck for a fresh gaming experience.

Embark on an epic journey within the walls with the Weiss Schwarz Attack on Titan Booster Box. This meticulously crafted set brings the iconic characters and intense battles from the Attack on Titan anime series to your card table. Featuring a curated selection of powerful and visually striking cards, this booster box expands your deck-building options, offering new strategies and synergies. Immerse yourself in the gripping world of Attack on Titan with exclusive cards showcasing breathtaking artwork and capturing the essence of the series. Whether you're a dedicated collector or a strategic player, this booster box is a must-have, providing a thrilling addition to your Weiss Schwarz collection while delivering an immersive Attack on Titan experience in every card. Gear up, join the fight, and secure your booster box for an unparalleled gaming adventure.